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Performing a search for arrest records in Gordon County, GA will require a trip to the Gordon County Courthouse. Unfortunately, Gordon County is one of the many counties in Georgia that does not maintain an online database to search court records. Therefore, you must do a little legwork if you want to search for active or outstanding arrest warrants.

Probably the best place to begin is with the court that issues all of the arrest warrants for Gordon County – – the Magistrate Court. The Magistrate Court has the responsibility of issuing all arrest warrants for the county once a Magistrate has determined there is probable cause for an arrest warrant to be issued. The Magistrate also conducts warrant application hearings in addition to first appearance hearings and bond hearings. The Magistrate Court is located at 100 South Wall Street in Calhoun, GA 30701 in the Gordon County Courthouse. The telephone number is 706-629-6818.

Another source of criminal records is the Clerk of the Superior Court for Gordon County. The Clerk of Court’s office maintains all of the records for the court, including any criminal hearings. You may want to search the records at the Clerk’s office if you believe that an arrest warrant was issued and the case has already gone to trial. The Clerk’s Office is also located at the Gordon County Courthouse on the first floor. The telephone number for the Clerk’s Office is 706-629-9533.

Once an arrest warrant has been issued, it is sent to the Gordon County Sheriff’s Office to be served on the individual. Therefore, searching the arrest records at the Sheriff’s Office may be one of the best ways to determine if there is an outstanding warrant waiting to be served. You can contact the Sheriff’s Office by telephone at 706-629-1244 or inquire in person during normal business hours at 2700 US Hwy. 41 Northwest in Calhoun, GA.

Calhoun County has a low crime rate when compared to other counties in Georgia between 2001 and 2008. Only 443 crimes were reported in Calhoun County during those years and over one-half of those were related to theft.

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