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There is certainly no shortage of government agencies that can be approached searching for active arrest warrant related information in Ware County, GA. In fact, of the three agencies that routinely maintain information on arrest records and outstanding warrants, you could approach anyone. However, ensure that you have a clear idea of your investigation’s purpose; this will help you pick the right state entity for your warrant search.

The county sheriff’s office: The law enforcement wing of the state government requests the court to issue warrants in cases where an immediate arrest cannot be made and receives all forms of arrest orders from the judiciary for execution. Even a bench warrant issued in the county will eventually be handed over to the police for serving.

For this reason, the agency should be on top of your list when looking for information on outstanding warrants in Ware County. They are located at 3487 Harris Road, Waycross, Georgia 31503.

The county clerk’s office: It is also possible to conduct a warrant search through the judiciary. Going to the county clerk’s office will get you information on arrest warrants issued in felonies and misdemeanors and all information on any civil litigations that the subject may be involved in. To get to the county clerk’s office, go to 800 Church Street, Waycross, Georgia 31502.

The magistrate’s court: Located at the county courthouse, the magistrate’s office has the authority to issue the warrant and hence must maintain all records about these detention orders. To get this information from a judicial representative, go to the county courthouse at Church St.


Is it possible to get information on Ware County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-Update) 

  • For general law and order concerns, contact the Sheriff’s Department at (912) 287-4325.
  • To get a copy of an accident or arrest report, contact the agency at (912) 287-4326.
  • To get information on a recent arrest, contact the Jail at (912) 287-4323.
  • To get information regarding a criminal matter, contact the Investigations Division at (for victims only) (912) 287-4327.
  • To discover how to get access to criminal case records, contact the Clerk of Court’s office at 912-287-4340.
  • To inquire about help available for a crime victim, contact the District Attorney’s Office at (912) 287-4353/4395.


Crime Statistics of Ware County, GA

The Ware Sheriff’s Office handled around 630 criminal complaints in 2019, compared to the more than 1500 cases in 2018. Of these, around 540 were property offenses and around 90 were violent offenses. The reported crimes included:

  • 433 larceny thefts
  • 82 burglaries
  • 20 auto thefts
  • 4 arson cases
  • 76 aggravated assaults
  • 8 rapes
  • 7 robberies
  • 1 homicide

Every year, almost 1500 crimes are reported in Ware County, Georgia, of which nearly 8% are violent crimes while the remaining are property-related incidents. In terms of hard figures, while violent crimes only account for about 150 complaints per annum, property thefts emerge as the clear winner in terms of the incident frequency, with a count of well over 1100.

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