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In Marion County, an arrest warrant search can be done through any of the government agencies that have a hand in the justice network of GA. For instance, you can go to the police, the magistrate or the county clerk to find details on active warrants and arrest records. It will help to understand here that the office of the magistrate and the sheriff’s department play active roles in processing criminals.

When arrests cannot be made without active warrants from Marion County, the local police seek the help of the judiciary which is the only entity in the state that has the authority to issue detention directives. However, the decision to issue a warrant is not based on a whim. The magistrate who presides over the pre-warrant hearing has to ensure that there is probable cause to hold the accused culpable for the crime.

The office of the county clerk has its own contribution to make in the entire process. Although this agency neither makes arrests under such orders nor is it directly involved in issuing active warrants from Marion County, they do perform the all important task of recording the court dockets. These are a written account of everything that happened through the course of the hearing.

So, when you are seeking information on outstanding warrants from Marion County or arrest records for the detentions that have occurred in the area, you can go to:

  • The sheriff: 338 Geneva Road, Buena Vista, Georgia 31803
  • The magistrate: 100 Broad St, Buena Vista, GA 31803
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 41, Buena Vista, Georgia 31803

Marion County is one of the low crime neighborhood of Georgia with annual criminal incident rates not even crossing into the 100 case mark. The average of violent crime stands at roughly 10% of the annual incident total. While there was a rise of nearly 40% in the figures of this crime category over the last few years, there was a stupendous drop of almost 250% in reported criminal activity.

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