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When a crime is committed in Dawson County, and the perpetrator cannot be arrested on the spot, the police launch an investigation in the matter. This is followed by the emergence of the names of a few suspects. While the police can call these individuals in for questioning, Dawson’s active warrant is needed to detain them.

The only way to procure arrest warrants is to approach the local court that holds the jurisdiction to deliberate on criminal cases. This tribunal is presented with case-related facts in the form of a writ filed by the police, DA’s office, or the victim.

This is treated as a formal complaint that is the basis for the pre-warrant hearing. Through this trial, the court tries to ascertain that there is probable cause to deem that the incident in question was a crime and to suspect the person’s involvement in the act.

Because the judiciary and the police work hand in hand when it comes to the issue and execution of all arrest orders, including bench warrants, several state judicial system, and law enforcement divisions maintain information about outstanding warrants. So, if you want to initiate a warrant search in Dawson County, Georgia, or look for arrest records, you can start at the:

  • Office of the magistrate: 25 Tucker Ave, Dawsonville, GA 30534
  • Office of the sheriff: 19 Tucker Avenue, Dawsonville, Georgia 30534
  • Office of the county clerk: 25 Tucker Avenue, Suite 106, Georgia, Georgia 30534

While the Department of Corrections, motor vehicle safety, and even the FBI maintain crime history records in some form, the three agencies mentioned above will be your best bet when conducting a background check. Dawson County sheriff also offers a list of the most wanted perpetrators in the area on their site at https://www.dawsoncountysheriff.org/most-wanted/.

If you are wondering why you should be spending your time trying to get a glimpse into the past of an acquaintance, the fact that the annual crime rates for Dawson County stand at well over 500 incidents should be enough reason to take the trouble.

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