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Although Georgia’s state has its version of the Freedom of Information Act, which has opened up government databases for the public, looking for arrest records and active warrant related information can still be a cumbersome task in Crisp County, GA.

For one, despite holding on to a significant amount of data on crimes committed in the state, government agencies involved in the judiciary and law enforcement offer little by way of online records. Even the Georgia State Crime Information Center (GCIC) only provides internet-based results in felony convictions.

This means that if the case were dismissed or downgraded to a misdemeanor, you would not find information on it despite a conviction. Also, because not all arrests end in jail time, it would be nearly impossible to get accurate results for a search on outstanding warrants or even through the Department of Corrections’ information.

So when doing a warrant search in Crisp County, GA, if you want more than just a “yes or no” answer and would like specific details on all cases that the subject was ever involved in, it would be best to get in touch with local justice agencies. You can get in touch with:

  • The magistrate: 210 7th St S, Cordele, GA 31015
  • The county clerk: South 7th Street, Cordele, Georgia 31015
  • The sheriff: 196 GA Highway 300 South, Cordele, Georgia 31015.

The offices of the magistrate and the clerk of court are clubbed under the state judiciary. They will be able to provide information on arrest warrants in specific cases, including civil matters. The sheriff’s Crisp department, Georgia, will also offer data on most wanted criminals in the county and any detentions that did not lead to a conviction.


How do you contact state agencies for an arrest report or details about warrants from Crisp County over the phone? (Updated-2021) 

  • If you need an accident or arrest report, contact the local police department- Sheriff’s Office (229-276-2600) or Cordele PD (229-276-2921).
  • If you want to do a warrant search, contact the Magistrate’s Office at 229-271-4728.
  • If you want to know about arrests, use the phone number of the Crisp County Jail- 229-276-2646/2647.
  • If you need information about assistance available to crime victims, call 229-271-4735.
  • If you want to know when a criminal case will be heard and how to obtain criminal court records, contact the Clerk of Court at 229-271-4726.


Crime statistics of Crisp County

Around 370 cases of property crimes and 9 cases of violent crimes were investigated by Crisp County Police in 2019. The annual crime average was 379 incidences, as compared to the 348 complaints recorded in 2018.

Nearly 2 cases of rape, 1 case of robbery, and 6 cases of serious assault were among the 9 violent crime cases. There were 49 burglaries, 302 larceny-theft reports, and 19 motor vehicle theft complaints among the 370 property crime incidents.

Older crime statistics

Despite a drop of over 13% in the rate of violent crime, Crisp County still logs in over1200 criminal complaints each year. Of these, nearly 200 are instances of violent crime. The daily incident rate currently stands at over 4 cases, and in most criminal matters, the incident occurs when the victim is not too far from his home or place of work.

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