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Rome is the home to the Floyd County, GA Magistrate Court. This is where you will want to go to conduct a warrant search in Floyd County. When I say “go,” I mean physically go because arrest warrants are not available online for this county. The Magistrate Court is responsible for issuing arrest warrants after a hearing to determine probable cause. Once the warrant has been issued, a Sheriff’s office will arrest the person based on the outstanding warrant. To contact the Floyd County Magistrate, you can visit the office at 3 Government Plaza, Suite 227, Rome, GA 30161, or call the office at 706-291-5250. Most Magistrate Courts will not give any information over the telephone about active or outstanding warrants.

To search the records for criminal dockets, you would go to the Clerk of Court for Superior Court. This office is also located at 3 Government Plaza but in Suite 101. The Clerk’s telephone number is 706-291-5192, and the office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Clerk’s office is responsible for maintaining the court records for criminal cases. The Clerk’s website lists the specific people that work with the criminal records with the telephone number and email address for each person. You may be able to obtain some information by telephone or email; however, most Clerks offices will regard you come to the office in person to search for warrants and criminal records.

You can also check with the Warrants Division of the Floyd County Sherriff’s office for outstanding warrants. The telephone number of the Warrant Division is 706-291-4111 ext. 8821. The Sherriff’s office maintains an online list of the county’s most wanted, including a picture, if available, and the charge or charges.

Floyd County’s crime rate between 1999 and 2008 averaged 3,107 crimes per year, with about 50% of those crimes happening less than one mile from the victim’s home. This averages to roughly one crime every two hours in Floyd County.

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