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Crime dramas are undoubtedly trendy on TV, and when watching one, you are bound to come across the term “arrest warrants.” So, have you ever wondered if there is an active warrant from Atkinson County, Georgia, against you or a person you know? No, a person does not always have to be a seasoned criminal to have arrest warrants in his name.

A simple case of mistaken identity can also get you in trouble with the law. The only option to prevent such an untoward scenario is to ensure regularly that there are no outstanding warrants against you. This can be done using the online tool provided by the sheriff’s office of Atkinson County for a warrant search. For further details, go to the sheriff’s office site.

You will also find an online entry of the most wanted list for Atkinson on this website. You can try the online option if you only want information about the criminal past of a person you know.

However, if it is a detailed background report that you are after, try visiting these agency offices in person.

  • Police department: PO Box 157, Pearson, Georgia 31642
  • Magistrate’s representative: 86 S Main St, Pearson, GA 31642
  • County clerk’s department: PO Box 6, Pearson, Georgia 31642

The police and the magistrate’s court will charge a small fee to provide a criminal history report. On the other hand, the county clerk’s office, which acts as the keeper of the Atkinson court dockets database, allows applicants to browse the repository for free by using the public service terminals at the justice center.

Atkinson County, Georgia, witnesses no more than 100 crimes on an annual basis. However, the situation seemed grim in 2001; through the eight years from thereon, police have managed to bring down the rate of violent crime by nearly 1000% and overall reported incidents by almost 700%.

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