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If the sitting magistrate of a criminal court has issued an active warrant in Telfair County, GA, against a person, there has to be ample evidence to accuse the individual in the case. It is vital to understand that arrest warrants are strictly issued based on probable cause.

Legally, this is defined as reasons that are enough for a person of sound mind to believe that the accused was involved in the criminal act. While it is the magistrate’s job to ascertain that there is the probable cause before a Telfair active warrant is issued, the police furnish the information required for this procedure.

A writ is filed in court every time the police require a warrant. So, when the order is released, this affidavit is attached to it to notify the person who is to be arrested of the charges that will be brought against him. Trivial errors in an active warrant from Telfair County do not differ from the order’s powers.

Such an order is only ever recalled or dismissed when the accused’s rights are found to be severely compromised due to a mistake in the document or when the probable cause against him is no longer valid. Because the judiciary issues these orders, they have information about all outstanding warrants from Telfair County.

However, if you need details on arrest records, you may want to head to the police station. Once again, it is crucial to understand that information is only offered on arrests in cases taken to court and ended in a guilty verdict. To approach one of these agency offices for a warrant search, you can go to:

  • The sheriff’s department: 19 E. Oak Street, McRae, Georgia 31055
  • The magistrate: 128 W Oak St, McRae, GA 31055
  • The office of the county clerk: 128 East Oak Street, Suite 2, Mc Rae, Georgia 31055


Is it possible to access Telfair County warrant list and arrest records over the phone? (Current as of 2021)              

  • Dial 229-868-6611 for information about recent arrests
  • Dial 229-868-6621 for arrest records and incident reports.
  • Dial 912-363-4942/0555 to seek information on arrests and warrants from Lumber PD.
  • Dial 229-868-2093 to inquire about arrests and warrants handled by McRae-Helena PD.
  • Dial 229-362-4271 to request an arrest report or a warrants search from Milan PD.
  • Dial 229-868-6772 for information on active warrants
  • Dial 478-374-3482 for information of victim’s assistance available from the District Attorney’s Office.
  • Dial 229-68-6525 for starting a criminal case search.


Crime statistics of Telfair County

In 2019, the Telfair County Law Enforcement handled about 70 complaints, of which 58 were for property crimes. Violent crimes led to the filing of 11 complaints, of which 9 were against aggravated assault. Property crimes included 32 larceny-theft cases and 21 burglary complaints, among others.

Older crime statistics

With an annual crime rate of fewer than 200 incidents, Telfair County is at the lower end of the crime scale than other Georgia areas. Fortunately, the police have managed to keep a grip on the crime scenario and even improve incident figures by a whopping 50%.

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