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A detention can only occur once the sheriff’s department has procured an active warrant from Bacon County, Georgia against you. To get arrest warrants, the police have to follow a strict legal protocol.The very first thing that is done to prepare for the pre-warrant hearing is the assimilation of case related facts.

These are put down in a writ and handed over to the magistrate’s representative.A division of the law enforcement agency prepares this document based on the proof gathered by the investigating officers. The petition has the details on the criminal incident, how the accused was involved in it and the witnesses, evidence, etc available in the case.

During the warrant hearing, this is diligently considered as probable cause has to be established before a Bacon active warrant can be released. Because the judiciary and the police work closely for the issue of such an arrest order, you will find information on outstanding warrants from several state agencies. So, a Bacon County warrant search can be sought from the following state departments:

  • The office of the sheriff: 307 S Dixon St, PO Box 237, Alma, Georgia 31510
  • The office of the magistrate: 502 E 12th St, Alma, GA 31510
  • The office of the clerk of court: Corner of 12th & Dixon, Alma, Georgia 31510

Apart from this the local police also offer an online provision when you need information on arrest records and warrants. To find an online tool for a Bacon warrant search, go to the website of the sheriff at A most wanted list is also out up on the site at

Bacon County, Georgia is another area of the state with a crime rate that does not even reach the 200 mark. However, this might change in the very near future if the 60% plus rise in violent and overall crime is not controlled in time. Also, the rate of violent acts has to be closely monitored as it currently stands at nearly 10% of the annual crime average.

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