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Although the police can detain a person who is caught in the act of committing a legal offense, for arrests that are not made at the scene of the crime, peace officers do need an active arrest warrant from McDuffie County, GA, to take a suspect into custody.

Arrest warrants are also not required when an accused commits a crime and then takes to his heels, and he/she has to be brought in after a significant chase. In simple words, if the matter turns investigative, a warrant must affect the arrest.

To get this warrant, the police must mandatorily approach a tribunal’s sitting magistrate in McDuffie County, GA, which has criminal jurisdiction. The court has to be aware of the facts and offered details on all evidence gathered by the cops.

This information is furnished in the form of an affidavit. It should have enough merit to stand the magistrate’s scrutiny, who will ascertain that there is probable cause before the arrest order is issued. Once such a detention decree is handed to the police, they can arrest the individual in question at any time and from any given place.

Even if an outstanding warrant is several years old, a law enforcement officer can still take a person into custody under the provisions of such a judicial order. To get the low down on arrest records and warrants in McDuffie County, GA, start with the:

  • Local police: For a warrant search through the sheriff’s office, go to 751 Public Safety Dr, Thomson, Georgia 30824.
  • Magistrate of the McDuffie County Court: The magistrate’s office also entertains legal inquiries from attorneys and private citizens who wish to gather information on their clients or specific cases. They are located at the courthouse of the county at 337 Main St, Thomson, GA 30824.
  • The county clerk: The court of McDuffie, Georgia, maintains court dockets from civil and criminal tribunals. They work from the county courthouse.

A crime is reported in McDuffie County, Georgia, every day; this works out to just a bit over 365 crime reports filed every year. Through the eight years that started in 2001, the crime scene in the area has progressively worsened with an increase of above 70% in the rate of violent criminal incidents.

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