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Greene County, Georgia arrest warrants are issued after the tribunal deliberates on the affidavit submitted by the local sheriff’s department’s court services division. This affidavit is prepared based on the report filed by the officers who investigated the matter. This petition, in turn, forms the foundation of the police case in the warrant hearing.

The active arrest warrant is issued based on the information presented in this writ. Suppose the details are found to be inadequate for the establishment of probable cause. In that case, the sitting magistrate reserves the right to call in all or some witnesses and even the victim, if available, to offer their testimony under oath.

Upon issue, the warrant is handed over to the police for execution. If for any reason an arrest cannot be made immediately, the order is saved in the criminal database, and it is then called an outstanding warrant from Greene County, GA. Regardless of how old a warrant is, it can still be used to arrest the person in whose name it was issued. In fact, in the case of felonies, the detention can even occur outside the issuing county.

Arrest records from Greene County, Georgia, are maintained by the sheriff’s office and the magistrate’s court. While these two state departments are directly involved in the issue of arrest warrants, the county clerk’s office merely maintains the court dockets, which contain information about all judicial instruments used through the trial proceedings, including bench warrants and search orders.

To conduct a warrant search, you can go to:

  • The office of the sheriff: 1201 S Industrial Blvd, Greensboro, Georgia 30642
  • The office of the magistrate: 113 N Main St, Greensboro, GA 30642
  • The office of the clerk of court: Suite 109 at the address above.


Who should you contact if you need information about recent arrests and warrants in Greene County? (In the year 2021)           

  • 706-453-3351- Contact the Greene County Sheriff’s Office to access details on arrests.
  • 706-453-7555- Contact Greensboro PD for information on arrests and warrants handled by them.
  • 706-453-3346- Contact the Magistrate’s Court for details on bench warrants.
  • 706-453-3340- Contact the Clerk of Court for a case search
  • 478-986-3166- Contact the Greene County Victim Services Office to get help for crime victims.


Crime statistics of Greene County

Almost 120 criminal complaints were handled by the Sheriff’s Department of Greene County in 2018. Of the complaints lodged, around 110 were against property crimes. This category included 85 cases of larceny-theft, 21 cases of burglary, and 6 cases of motor vehicle theft. The complaints against violent crimes were attributed to 7 instances of aggravated assault and 2 of rape.

Older crime statistics

The crime statistics for Greene County, GA reveal a mixed picture as violent crime rose in the area by almost 17%, but the number of overall crime reported did go down by nearly 30%. Every year a little over 300 criminal cases are filed of which no more than 11% are violent.

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