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Information on arrest records for Coffee County, GA, is scarce online, with few resources for wanting to do a warrant search. Therefore, understanding how arrest warrants are issued in Coffee County will help you know where to look for arrest records.

Like most Georgia counties, the Magistrate Court for Coffee County is charged with issuing arrest warrants upon probable cause. After hearing sworn testimony and reviewing any evidence presented, the Magistrate can issue an arrest warrant and forward that to the Sheriff’s office for the process.

Therefore, contacting the Magistrate Court in person to request arrest records is your first step in searching for arrest warrants in Coffee County. The Magistrate Court is located at 825 Thompson Drive in Douglas, GA. The telephone number for the office is 912-384-1381.

The Clerk of Court’s office maintains records, including but not limited to, records for criminal hearings in Coffee County. The address for the Clerk of Court is 101 Peterson Avenue South in Douglas. The telephone number is 912-384-2865.

There is one online resource for search tickets and citations in Coffee County. You enter the driver’s license number to see any outstanding tickets or citations associated with that driver.

The Coffee County Sheriff’s Office has an online database for sex offenders (as most other counties do across the state); however, it does not include active arrest warrants for any other crime. Contacting the Sheriff’s Office to search for active arrest warrants could create problems if you are the one with an arrest warrant or have information about a current fugitive.

During 1999 and 2008, reported crimes in Coffee County decreased by 9%, with violent crimes reducing by 59%. The highest crime rate during those years occurred in 2003 when crimes reached 2,400 the year. However, just a couple of years later, in 2005 and then again in 2006, crimes in Coffee County were approximately 200 or less.

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