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Even if an arrest is made under the provisions of a court-issued active warrant in Dodge County, Georgia, this does not authorize the police to detain an individual indefinitely. So, it would be safe to suggest that while Dodge County arrest warrants confer certain rights on peace officers, this authority is restricted to the circumstances in which the individual can be apprehended.

Once arrested, the police are legally bound to present the suspect in court at the earliest for an arraignment hearing. However, they are given enough time to question the accused so that a stronger case can be built against him/her. Simultaneously, the arrested individual has the right to remain silent and not say anything that will be held against him/her in the court of law. This person may also request that his lawyer or a state-appointed attorney be present at the time of questioning.

It is crucial to understand that an arrest order issued in case of a felony is not bound by time or geographical restrictions. This means that if an outstanding warrant from Dodge County, GA exists in the state penal system against an individual, he /she can be arrested at any time and from any place, including outside the issuing county.

In the state of Georgia, the public at large is allowed access to criminal history information, so conducting a warrant search merely entails visiting a government agency of your choosing. However, if there is a warrant in your name, it would be best to conduct your search for arrest records online. You can access a privately maintained database of criminal history information by filling the form above.

State agencies that maintain information on arrest warrants include:

  • The department of the sheriff: 5401 Anson Ave Rm 111, Eastman, Georgia 31023
  • The department of the county clerk: Anson Avenue, Eastman, Georgia 31023
  • The office of the magistrate: 5401 Anson Ave, Eastman, GA 31023

At least one crime is reported in Dodge County, Georgia, every day. This can be calculated to an annual average of almost 370 incidents. Through the eight years from 2001 to 2008, over 1800 criminal cases were lodged in the area, and there was an increase by nearly 30% in the rates of overall crime.

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