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A warrant search in Montgomery County, Georgia should no longer be a consideration that only business owners and employers think of. In this day and age of rising crime, it is imperative to find out about any arrest warrants that might point to the criminal past of an acquaintance. Fortunately, several government agencies can come to your aid when you want details on outstanding warrants. These include:

  • County Law Enforcement: 208 Broad Street, Mount Vernon, Georgia 30445
  • Court of the Magistrate: US Hwy 221 Montgomery County Courthouse P.O. Box 311Mt. Vernon, GA 30445
  • Department of the County Clerk: U.S Highway 221, Mt. Vernon, Georgia 30445

Depending on how much information you need and what you intend to use it for, you can choose an appropriate agency. When you are exclusively looking for crime related data andbe it on active warrants or the most wanted criminals of Montgomery County, the sheriff’s office would be the agency to approach.

However, if you want the low down on just about every legal matter that the subject is embroiled in, it would help to the go the county clerk’s office. This judicial department has the Montgomery court dockets which are a written account of what happened through a case. You can find the dockets for criminal and civil matters through this agency.

In contrast, if you have the case number and need details on the happenings of the trial, you can approach the court of the magistrate. Of course, you can also connect with any one of these agencies for a regular Montgomery warrant search and details on arrest records.

By far the area of the state with the lowest crime rate, only about 20 criminal incidents were reported in Montgomery County, Georgia on an annual basis for the last few years. While almost 20% of all incidents were violent, the figure still appears miniscule when compared to the crime averages of the other counties.

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