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All active arrest warrants from Madison County, GA, are issued by a tribunal with criminal jurisdiction. However, before arrest warrants are issued, the sitting magistrate is obligated to determine probable cause in the matter. This means that the police need to have enough evidence for a reasonable individual to assume that the person indeed committed the crime against whom the warrant is sought.

This is done by closely studying the case related facts and evidence mentioned in the affidavit submitted in court to procure the arrest order. In some cases, the judge may ask the victim or a witness to offer his/her testimony under oath.

Because the magistrate’s court has the sole authority to issue such arrest decrees, it is an excellent place to start your warrant search. The magistrate’s office is located at 91 Albany Ave, Danielsville, GA 30633, and you can contact them Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. To call them, you will have to dial 706-795-6310.

A second option when looking for outstanding warrants and arrest records is to contact Madison’s sheriff’s office. The law enforcement agency works out of Madison County Sheriff’s Office & Detention Center Complex, 1436 Hwy 98 W, Danielsville, Georgia 30633. They will accept a request for a warrant search in person, through phone at 706-795-6202 or fax706-795-6203. However, you will need to visit the agency office to get your hands on the results that your inquiry brought back.

You can also contact the county clerk’s office to access the court dockets, containing information on criminal cases and warrant trials in such matters. To reach the court’s office clerk, drive down to the Courthouse Square, Danielsville, Georgia 30633.

Over the eight years that started in 2001, almost 2600 crimes were reported in Madison County, GA, a 100% increase compared to the annual crime figures of 2001 in the lower double digits.

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