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Looking for an arrest warrant search in Randolph County, GA? Why not take your inquiry to one of the state agencies listed below. Each of these departments has a distinctive role to play in the criminal process of the state. A closer look at the procedure used for handling adult offenders shows that the issue of an arrest warrant signals the start of criminal proceedings against a person.

However, a lot has to be done before an active warrant can come into being. For instance, the police have to conclude their investigation and they should have a clear idea about who is responsible for the criminal occurrence. Also, this determination has to be based on case facts, evidence and witness testimony.

Once the police file an affidavit in the tribunal for the issue of the order, the responsibility shifts to the judiciary. The sitting magistrate decides on the merits of the charges being sought against the accused before he commands the arrests of the suspects. The county clerk’s office maintains its presence throughout the session to record the court dockets.

So, when you need to find information on Randolph County outstanding warrants, you can refer to the most wanted lists on the sheriff’s website or you could visit one of the agencies listed below. The advantage of the second approach is that you will find arrest records as well as information on warrants through these governmententities.

  • The sheriff: 156 Peachtree St, Cuthbert, Georgia 39840
  • The magistrate: 93 Front Street, Cuthbert, GA 39840
  • The clerk of court: 208 Court Street, Cuthbert, Georgia 39840

Nearly 100 criminal incident reports were filed in Randolph County, Georgia each year from 2002 to 2007. Of these crimes, approximately 20 were violent acts. Through this period, there was a distinct improvement in the crime scenario of the area as rates of reported and violent crime plunged by nearly 40%.

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